Zeus (ゼウス, Zeusu) is the Supreme God of Greece and the Chairman of the Council of Valhalla.

He is also the winner of the second round of Ragnarok from the God's Side, facing off against Humanity's Champion, Adam.


A very old man of low stature with sunken eyes. He has a small tuft of spiky hair with thick eyebrows and a goatee.


Initially he was portrayed to be a very gentle elder. He has been shown to be very prideful which can be seen when he violently twist a dragon's maw with one arm and destroy the Parliament with a small mallet. However, it is then revealed that he is truly a battle loving pervert. He seem to be interest knowing that the Valkyries betrayed the gods. He also despise humans. He is always conceited, claims to be the God Father of Cosmos(G.F.O.C).



He fought and killed his father Kronos during the Titanomachy

Also, he was aware of this brother's Adamas betrayal, but decided not to do anything since he found it interesting. Hermes spread the rumor of a traitor among the Greek Gods, but the traitor Adamas was already killed by Poseidon. Zeus who heard of it found it amusing and was eager to start a war to find the traitor.

Gods Council

Zeus was in charge of the Gods council as their chairman discussing on whether or not to wipe out humanity. All of the gods agree, but Brunhilde was the only one who objected and pointed out a clause to give humanity a fighting chance. All of the gods opposed of Brunhilde idea of Ragnarok until she insulted their pride. Zeus killed his pet dragon next to him and use his gavel to destroy the majority of the floor to start off Ragnarok.

Ragnarok: First Fight

During the first round of Ragnarok, Zeus was watching the fight between Thor and Lu Bu and became amused and excited on how can peak humans give them a good fight. When Thor killed Lu Bu and his followers along with Randgriz, he wanted to fight for the second round.

Ragnarok: Second Fight

When it was Shiva's turn to fight for the second round, Zeus threatened to kill Shiva to give him his turn to fight in the second battle against Adam. Shiva was unyielding for a while until Zeus's intent to kill overwhelmed Shiva a little. Shiva reluctantly conceded the second round to Zeus and told him that he owed him a favor. Zeus happily skipped to the stage with Hermes to give off his introduction.

As the second round began, Zeus began to extremely enhance his muscles and became bigger and taller than Adam. Zeus started off his attack against Adam with Meteor Jab, but Adam uses The Eyes of the Lord to look at Zeus's movements and dodges them. Zeus then uses Divine Axe to cut Adam in half, Adam still dodges the attack by jumping and performing a front flip. Adam then starts to attack Zeus with the same moves he used on him leaving Zeus with some minors bruises. Zeus starts to enjoy the battle and becomes excited in a creepy way that unnerved the audience. He then performs a blow that surpass time itself on Adam, but Adam uses his eyes to instantly copy his technique and quickly uses it against him. The blow twisted Zeus's neck to the back. Just as Zeus fell to the ground, he got back up to silence Heimdall with a finger and rearranged his neck back to his body. Zeus interest towards Adam became piqued and asked Adam's reason for fighting. Adam replied that he's doing this to protect humanity as its father. Zeus reluctantly uses his secret technique and final form Adamas against Adam. Zeus final form intimidated the audience of humans and gods that it can lead them shivering in terror. Adam had to put his guard up against Zeus as they continue their fist fight. Adam continues his The Eyes of the Lord which Zeus decided to exploit causing Adam to bleed from his eyes and go blind. Adam and Zeus continues their fight of attrition until Adam succumbed to his wounds and died standing with a smile when he brought Zeus down on his knees. Zeus respects Adam as a warrior and praised him for his endurance being greater than his. Adam starts to fade into nothingness along with Reginleif as she reaches out to him smiling as they die. All that is left of Adam was his leaf as Heimdall announce Zeus as the victor of the second round.

Ragnarok: Third Fight

During the third round, Zeus was resting his wounds against Adam as he instinctively felt on how Poseidon was killed by Kojiro Sasaki. He was silently angry on how a god can be permanently killed from Ragnarok.

Ragnarok: Fourth Fight

He was later drinking tea calmly with Ares, Hermes, Loki, and Shiva after the third round. Zeus asked Shiva on he finally regain focus until he angrily slammed the table for Zeus being nonchalant in front of him. Loki pointed out on how his older brother, Poseidon was butchered by Kojiro Sasaki. Zeus stated that Kojiro Sasaki was stronger than Poseidon. He started his discussion with his fight against Adam and admitted humans were strong. He deduced on how Brunhilde wants to kill the Gods and discuss on how they all should fight for real. Shiva personally volunteers for the fourth round until Zeus requests to him to let a God from the Greek side fight for the fourth round to avenge the humiliation of Poseidon's death. Shiva accepted the request calmly and understood their anger as Loki watched their conversation with each other. Zeus sent out Heracles to fight for the fourth round for the gods side to avenge their humiliation from humanity's first victory from the third match.

Powers & Abilities

Zeus may be the strongest god since he is the champion of the Titanomachy Tournament and he managed to attain victory against Adam, who is considered to be humanity's "Trump Card" against the gods by Brunhilde. However, although Zeus won he never even once managed to knock Adam off his feet. Geir calls Zeus the God's side "Last Boss".

Godly Strength: He can turn himself into an extremely muscular version of himself. His strength is proven when he kill a dragon by violently twisting it's maw with one arm.

Godly Speed & Reflexes: In his muscular form, he can easily launch massive punch with extreme speed toward his enemies. His strongest blow can even surpass the time itself.

Godly Durability: As a god he was able to endure Adam's barrage of attacks and even in the time when Adam punched his face so hard that it twisted and went into wrong direction, he was still able to continue the fight.

Meteor Jab: Zeus perform a combo series of jabs at extreme speeds to instantly destroy his enemies.

Divine Axe: A powerful leg sweep that can cut off the body and the surroundings with pure destruction.

Adamas: A state where all of his muscle compress to full extent. In this state, his body is indestructible just like the name suggests (Adamas means diamond and indestructible in Greek). In this form, even a normal movement of Zeus could become a malevolent attack due to the compression of muscle. However, his body is also self-destructive in this state. If he isn't careful or stay in a long period time of this form, Zeus can end up destroying himself and die. This form is considered as his last resort and his ultimate technique.

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