Adam or (アダム, Adamu) was The Father of Humanity, the first and original man created in the image and likeness of a God. He is the man of File No.00000000001 and was referred to as the "'Hope of Humanity". He fought to the death against Zeus in the second round of Ragnarok' losing his life in the process on behalf of his children, humanity.

Appearance Edit

Adam is shown to be an supremely handsome man. Possessing a lean muscular body, platinum-blonde hair and a pair of piercing blue eyes his beauty is such that every female in attendance of the match, be they human or god, universally found him to be an incredibly attractive and "cute" male.

The only clothing he wears is a fig leaf covering his nether region.


Adam is portrayed as a very calm, collected and carefree individual. Adam speaks in a very casual manner to Zeus the first time they meet in the arena, much to the chagrin of the gods present. He's quite confident in his abilities, informing Zeus that he would regret not using a weapon against him in their fight.

Adam's sense of responsibility goes above and beyond his own needs and desires putting himself forth as one of humanity's champions knowing full well the stakes. Adam displays selflessness to the highest degree. Ignoring humanity's pleas as they attempted to dissuade him from fighting and conceding the battle even if it would ultimately result in his untimely death. Adams love for his children was so strong that even as he died he could think only of protecting them from any and all who would try and do them harm.

So intense was Adams desire to fight on that even after dying from the countless blows Zeus connected in his Adamas state Adams body refused to fall and instead kept fighting on. Such raw endurance and strength of will was enough for even Zeus himself to commend his opponent. All of humanity mourned for him, lamenting the passing of a man who even in death selflessly strived for victory not for his sake but for theirs, his children, humanity.


Background Edit

Originally a creation of the Gods, Adam lived in the idyllic Garden of Eden, Land of the Gods, with his fellow creations. He was the husband of Eve, a woman accused of eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.

Adam was informed by two birds that The Serpent had framed Eve after his attempt to rape her failed. Knowing that the Gods were unfair to mortals, Adam forcibly entered into Heavens Courts, displaying his loyalty to his wife whilst defiantly showcasing his contempt for the gods and their unjust trial. Barging in on the procession unannounced Adam killed the guard stationed at the door and began eating several of the apples from the Tree of Knowledge in front of all present protest much to the crowds collectives shock.

Despite the chaos and confusion Adam had caused however The Serpent remained unfazed. His shock and surprise were apparent as Adam ignored him, barging straight past him and comforting Eve instead, he stated his intentions that if she were to be banished he would follow and be cast down alongside her.

The Serpent was furious. With his plans to make Eve's existence miserable thwarted he flew into a murderous rage, furious that Adam, a mere human, would dare attempt to usurp his 'justice'. The Serpent now threatening Adam demanded to know if he was truly foolish enough to believe he could defy the Gods. Adam, for the first time acknowledged The Serpent's presence seemingly more concerned over the fact that he had been told The Serpent had made Eve cry. The Serpent  could contain his anger no longer. Lunging at Adam with the intent to kill The Serpent proclaimed him nothing more than a worm, furiously stating his new intentions to turn them both into dust. Activating his Eyes of the Lord Adam copied and countered The Serpent's killing blow in an instant to the shocked silence of all parties present. Eve , now apologetic, believed that Adam had killed The Serpent out of necessity for her. Adam dismissed this notion claiming that what he'd done was for the both of them. Extending a hand to the grateful Eve he told his wife that they would leave for Earth and instead make a paradise all their own. Leaving Eden for good both Adam and Eve proceeded to make a life for themselves on Earth producing two children, Cain and Abel while later going on to became the progenitors of all mankind.

Ragnarok: Second Fight Edit

Adam fought and lost to the Supreme Olympian God Zeus in the Second Round of Ragnarok. During the second match, he almost managed to kill and achieve victory against the mightiest of the gods Zeus, but tragically his body and eyes suddenly reached its limits after when he punched Zeus in the face and a drop of blood from Zeus accidentally lands in his eyes while overusing the Eyes of the Lord but even so, he still continued the fight and took countless powerful ultimate straight punches from Zeus head-on while countering, that resulted him to die standing heroically in the process but not without making Zeus drop into his knees after their intense final clash. Zeus, undisputedly beaten but not dead is declared as the victor of the second match.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As the first and original man created in the image and likeness of a God, Adam is considered by Brunhilde to be her trump card and strongest fighter. Adam is hinted at being quite possibly the most powerful human in history, going toe to toe with and almost attaining victory against the strongest of gods; Zeus, champion of the Titanomachy Tournament, feared by the gods themselves and quite possibly, the most strongest god and fighter showcased in the series thus far. After witnessing Adam's true power, Ares "The God of War", someone known to look down on humans as weak and foolish creature, shamefully admitted to himself that even if he were to train for 1000 years, he would still be no match for Adam. Zeus himself stated that if their battle were instead a contest of endurance, Adam would've undoubtedly defeated him.

Godlike Strength: Adam, having been created in the likeness and image of a God, was shown to possess near unfathomable strength with or without aid from the Eyes of the Lord. Adam, despite having lost his power, was still able to easily trade blows with Zeus even after the latter successfully managed to find a way to overwhelm and permanently disable his ability. Adams strength was such that even after having already technically died his body fought on. Proceeding to overwhelm Adamas state Zeus in a flurry of strikes before bringing the arrogant god to his knees with a final blow. If Zeus hadn't realised this fatal flaw in Adams Eyes of the Lord he would've most likely emerged as the loser of the bout.

Godlike Durability: Adam, despite being just a man, was shown to possess durability on par with and perhaps even exceeding that of a God.

After losing access to his Eyes of The Lord, Zeus, in his Adamas state, finally managed to strike Adam. Laying into him with a furious barrage of blows. Adam, however, not only managed to soak these strikes for an extended period of time without dying but did so without being knocked to the ground even once. A feat made even more impressive by the fact that a singular strike from Zeus in this form was said to result in instantaneous death for his opponents. Zeus himself could not help but acknowledge Adams supernatural fortitude. Begrudgingly admitting that if their battle was instead a contest of endurance he would've undoubtedly lost to Adam.

Godlike Speed & Reflexes: Adam possesses godlike speed and reflexes as he was created in the image and likeness of a god. The testament of his speed shown when he dodged Zeus's earlier combo in their fight easily without breaking a sweat. It is also shown that he's somewhat more superior to Zeus in terms of speed, as he can dodged almost all of Zeus's attacks while countering them at the same time. Where as compared to Zeus, that cannot dodged most of his attacks and is already having a quite trouble of hitting him at start the of their fight.

Indomitable Will: Adam possesses the strongest will in all of humanity as stated by Brunhilde. Adam's indomitable will allowed him to persevere through his fight. After beginning to lose the upper hand in his fight against Zeus, where many audience thought that all the odds are now against him, now that Zeus has finally exploited his eyes ability but Adam still never showed any sign of faltering or despair in this disadvantageous situation even in the slightest. The intensity of Adam's will is shown in his final trade of blows with Zeus, fighting him to the death even when his body and eyes already long reach its limits but still refused to lose the fight, continuing to swing his fist even in death in determination of finishing Zeus off, so that he could give hope to humanity by attaining their first victory over the gods and show that even a human has a power to stand up even against a god.

Eyes of the Lord: As a man created in the image and likeness of a God, Adam was gifted with the ability to perfectly emulate any move he saw regardless of its speed and power. This ability was so strong that Adam was considered unbeatable by many and proclaimed by Brunhilde to be her trump card against the god's strongest of fighters, Zeus.

Upon activation, the Eyes of the Lord would allow Adam to avoid and perfectly counter any blow with an exact copy of his own.This ability not only provided Adam the means to evade and replicate a flurry of blows completed in less than 1/1000th of a millisecond but, most impressively, react to and counter a blow entering into the zeptoseconds. A punch said to surpass even time itself.

Despite its seemingly unbeatable nature, the Eyes of the Lord of the lord do have their limits.The strength and power of an opponent's attacks appears to correspond to the amount of strain a users nervous system is placed under. Brunhilde's goes on to further elaborate, stating that any of Zeus's attacks in his Adamas state would normally be an unavoidable one hit kill. For Adam to see through these techniques, he would be placing both his eyes and nervous system under unimaginable amounts of stress. Zeus, figuring that no singular move could best Adam, settled instead for a war of attrition. Unleashing a furious onslaught of blows, Zeus began focusing his efforts solely on overworking and disabling the ability. A task to which he eventually succeeded.


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